shu uemura ::Tokyo Lash Bar 2010::

"Eyelashes are the best accessory for creating fresh expressions." These were the wisdom words of none other than Mr. Shu Uemura. And his words were tastefully expressed by Galaxy Goddess Anita Aziz, the model showcased above.

Shu Uemura’s Tokyo Lash Bar theme for 2010 is “Neo-Tokyo Odyssey.”

Tokyo Lash Bar is a yearly Shu Uemura event where the latest eyelashes are launched in Malaysia. During the launch their élite “black book artists” will showcase their work to the invited guests, usually the who’s who in the Malaysian fashion and entertainment industries.

The Neo-Tokyo Odyssey theme started with 2 creative presentation by shu uemura Black Book Artists:

  1. WE ARE STARS – A collection of ready-to-wear makeup, suitable for women who seek an ethereal beauty in their daily looks
  2. GALAXY GODDESS – A special presentation of breathtaking otherworldly looks

This year, they have even invited Zang Toi, the most famous Malaysian designer based in New York and Ling Tan, probably the only Malaysian to reach the international supermodel status.

Gillian Hung, Zang Toi and Ling Tan posing for the paparazzi.

The guests: Look at their eyelashes..... beautiful people with beautiful lashes....

Men too, can look good with enhanced eyelashes.

Sazzy Falak, the heavenly MC.

Sazzy again.... she's just gorgeous.

Dr. Joanne Yeoh and her techno violin.

Galaxy Goddess: Kelly J

Galaxy Goddess: Hannah L >> If looks could kill....... men would be dropping like flies...

Galaxy Goddess: Angie N.

Galaxy Goddess: Esther T >> Barbie Doll???

Galaxy Goddess: Denise K >> Bad hair day???

We Are Stars: Dilla Syahirah.

We Are Stars: Constance L.


We Are Stars: Angie S >> Nice raincoat.... to protect from meteor showers?

The black book artist - Taisu and his creations.

The black book artist - Deq Sha and his creations.

The black book artist - Deric and his creations.

The black book artist - Najeeb and his creations.

The black book artists, the models, the designers and the management of L'oreal posing for a group photo.

Ling, Angie and Gillian.

Group photo of Gillian Hung, Ling Tan, Angie Ng, Tay Ai Leen and Albert Nico.

Sazzy, Atilia and friends....

Anita, Surya and friends.....

Hideaki posing with Cindy, Angie, Shir and Constance.

Happy to be flanked by 2 beautiful models.....

Sazzy Falak and Atilia Haron admiring their sparkling eyelashes.

Sazzy Falak showcasing her eyelashes.....with Atilia smiling at her friend's antics.

Anita Aziz and Thanuja Ananthan posing with their black book artist - Surya.

Zang Toi

Amber - looking fashionable with her "bump".

Ling stopping to pose for a photo on the red carpet.


  1. ezypepper says:

    Dear Davie…

    OMG! These pix are just gorgeous….!!! And I am in one of it….yaaaaaaaaaayyyy! So happy! Thank you so much for the super fast reviews on the event Davie. It was a wonderful event, with lots of beautiful people with stunning lashes, don’t you think so?

    The Shu Uemura’s Black Book Artistes has done a SUPERB FABBITY FAB,full of CREATIVENESS and a GLAM job as always. KUDOS to them and to their beautiful models too.
    My ❤ to my peeps…Emma Mustafa, Surya Zainul, Najeeb and Deq Sha….

    • Thanks ezypepper. I am glad you like the photos. Shu uemura’s tokyo lash bar is definitely one of the top glam event to attend this year and with their guests participating with the variety of eyelashes and makeup on offer, it’s one night in their lives where they can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the models in term of glamorous makeover and eye-catching eyelashes. 🙂

  2. ezypepper says:

    True that Davie! I was standing next to Ling Tan, and my gawd! She is soooooooooooo darn beautiful and TALL! I felt like a midget standing next to her. And she is so nice and humble. I am in awe with just her warm personality and friendliness.

  3. Dear Davie,
    Tq so much for the wonderfull pic……I really like it. All the pic perfect. Once again, Tq so much…..:)


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